Founded in New York City in 1931 by Herbert Bienen and Edwin Davis, Bienen Davis merged American design with Italian craftsmanship and soon found their bags on the sets of movies and televisions shows, worn by some of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, and included in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The revived Bienen Davis is the creation of Richard K. Bienen, the fourth generation scion of the Bienen family. Having been raised in the bag-making business with his father, Richard H. Bienen, and influenced by the design spirit of his mother, Pat Mori, a former model who worked alongside famed designer Roy Halston, Bienen was inspired to re-establish the renowned brand. Today, Bienen Davis continues to work with the same Italian artisans credited for creating their celebrated past collections.

1892 - 1894

Bienen Family

Patriarchs of the Bienen family arrive in New York as purse makers working on Manhattan's Lower East Side


Bienen Davis is Established

An early advertisement for the Bienen Davis line founded by Herbert Bienen and Edwin Davis


Corporal Richard H. Bienen

Corporal Richard H. Bienen, son of Bienen Davis founder Herbert Bienen, during World War II prior to joining the family business


Film & Television

Bienen Davis handbags appear in iconic films and television shows such as "I Love Lucy" 

February, 1952

American Vogue

The Bienen Davis Ronay bag appears on the cover of American Vogue


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

An original Bienen Davis bag that is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's permanent collection

March, 1953

American Vogue

Bienen Davis advertisement


Richard H. Bienen on a sourcing trip in Venice, Italy


A telegram from Cary Grant to Richard H. Bienen


Model, Roy Halston muse and wife of Richard H. Bienen, Patricia "Pat" Mori


Cary Grant and Richard H. Bienen


Cary Grant and Doris Day


Dorris Day

Doris Day with an original Bienen Davis bag featured in the film "That Touch of Mink"


Richard H. Bienen and Pat Mori's son, Richard K. Bienen in Acapulco, Mexico


Pat Mori and Roy Halston at Halston's NYC design studio


Pat Mori as a Halston Rabbit-ette

Pictured on the arm of Joe Eula, Pat Mori attends the Magic, Dreams, and Fantasy Ball, as one of Halston's Rabbit-ettes. Hosted by Halston (also pictured) the fundraiser for the Skowhegan School of the Arts, at New York's Park Avenue Armory was an infamous party.


Pat Mori by artist Joseph Eula


Pat Mori by artist Joseph Eula


Liza Minnelli and Pat Mori


Richard H. Bienen obtains the license for Christian Dior handbags


Pat Mori, Richard K. Bienen and Richard H. Bienen


Richard H. Bienen in Italy


Richard H. Bienen in Florence, Italy

October, 2017

American Vogue

Bienen Davis relaunch story in Vogue Magazine


Paris Fashion Week - Autumn / Winter 2018

Bienen Davis owners, Richard K. Bienen, Meredith German and Wendell German at Richard H. Bienen's favorite Parisian bistro, Chez André.


Met Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker with the Bienen Davis Kit bag at the Met Gala

2019 September

Beyoncé with the Swarovski crystal-embellished Kit bag

Beyoncé carries the Kit Bracelet Bag in black suede with Swarovski crystals to the Homecoming Private Viewing Party.

Images release September 22, 2019 from Your B at 37 on

2020 January

Lizzo with her bespoke Mori clutch

Lizzo carries her bespoke Swarovski embellished Mori clutch to the 2020 Spotify Best New Artist Grammy event.

October 2021

Jennifer Aniston with the Angel Top Handle Bag

Jennifer Aniston makes a graceful entrance with the black leather Angel Top Handle Bag

May 2022

Billie Eilish with the Kit Bracelet Bag Pouch

Billie Eilish carries her black velvet Kit Bracelet Bag Pouch with Tassel at the 2022 Met Gala.